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Jabber SRV record generator

This page will give you the necessary lines for your tinydns "data" file, or your BIND zone file, to create the SRV records you should have for a Jabber server.

Note that the code which generates the records is entirely client-side Javascript. Of course this means that Javascript needs to be enabled in your browser in order to use this page. If you normally have Javascript turned off, or if use the NoScript extension for Firefox like I do, you will need to turn Javascript on if you wish to use this page.

An alternative might be to save the page on your local system and run it from there. Feel free to examine the code before running it- no data is sent back to my server, or anywhere else.

This will be to the right of the "@" sign in the Jabber ID's of the people using the server.
Priority Range 0-65535, default 0
Weight Range 0-65535, default 0
C2S Port Range 0-65535, default 5222
S2S Port Range 0-65535, default 5269
This is the hostname of the machine running the Jabber server. It should exist as an A record.

For tinydns:

(Nothing entered yet.)


(Nothing entered yet.)

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