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Special Mac characters

There are several "special" characters commonly used when dealing with Mac systems. The most obvious is the "cloverleaf" character, "⌘", which is used for keyboard shortcuts (such as "⌘Q" to quit an application.

This is a list of them, along with the codes needed to use them in web pages (like I did above.)

Image SGML Entity Notes
Rendered Hex Decimal
[21E7.png] ⇧ ⇧ Shift
[21EA.png] ⇪ ⇫ Caps Lock
[2318.png] ⌘ ⌘ Command (aka "Cloverleaf", or "Open Apple")
[231A.png] ⌚ ⌚ Watch
[2325.png] ⌥ ⌥ Option
[2326.png] ⌦ ⌦ Delete (delete to the right)
[232B.png] ⌫ ⌫ Backspace (delete to the left)
[238B.png] ⎋ ⎋ Power
[23CF.png] ⏏ ⏏ Eject
[25B6.png] ▶ ▶ Disclosure triangle, closed, large
[25B8.png] ▸ ▸ Disclosure triangle, closed, small
[25BC.png] ▼ ▼ Disclosure triangle, open, large
[25BE.png] ▾ ▾ Disclosure triangle, open, small
[F8FF.png]   Apple (closed apple)

If you know of any which I've missed, which logically belong here, please let me know and I'll add them.